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How to book?

To book on to a session go to the top tab labelled 'Book', this will then provide you with all the services we offer. You then click 'Book Now' and select which children you are wanting to book in followed by the activity, date and day. Once you have selected all your dates you click 'Check Availability' at the bottom. This will then show you all the sessions that are available and any which are already fully booked. You then click 'Checkout' to complete your booking and to make payment. 


How to cancel?

You are able to cancel a booking anytime before a session starts but you will only receive a credit if it is done more than 3 hours before the session starts. To cancel a session you go to 'My Bookings' at the top which will list off all your bookings. You will then need to find the booking reference related to the session you wanting to cancel and then click on it. You will then see the option 'Cancel Dates'.


How to pay with childcare vouchers?

To pay with childcare vouchers you will need to follow the same process as stated above. When you get to checkout there will be an option of a box you tick selecting to pay with childcare vouchers. This will then allow you to complete the booking. You will then need to log into your childcare voucher provider and make a payment to us. Your online account will show you as overdrawn until we receive the payment from the provider, which can be a few days after you make the payment.


Full User Guide

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